More Oscillating Wildly uploaded… enjoy!

Episode 17 – Sunday’s Best – a collection of private press religious songs from the 50s-80s… bible thumping never had such a beat

Episode 18 – CLOUD – His Name is a Live released a very limited edition 10 cd-r boxset in the early 2000s… Here is a cursory look at some of its tracks

Episode 19 – Brass in my Pocket – a look at the brass band in contemporary music, from Nation of Ulysses to Tower of Power

Episode 20 – Prismatic Spray level 3 – an Oscillating Wildly specialty, a mixed bag/stew of mystery meat

Episode 21 – The Re-Sinking of the Titanic – an almost complete replaying of Gavin Bryar’s epic orchestration

Episode 22 – from the Tribe – a cursory look at the Tribe Records box set

Episode 23 – Vibin’ – Vibraphones in music, from Steely Dan to the DJ Bonebrake Trio

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