here is the first episode, with Warm Climate – tape and clarinet musique-concrete from Phoenix, AZ by way of Mars Episode 1 – Warm Climate

here is the second episode, with local heads The Zero Collective… a mass of cable and pedals, a really nice synth and a four track, steered by the flailing limbs of these two sweet malcontents

Episode 2 – The Zero Collective

and here is a special extra episode, cuz why not?  Visiting cultural ambassadors from Neverwhere and Elsewhen, Arrington and China blessed us with solo pieces, bookending a collaborative giant of a track

Episode 2.5 – Liquid Letters and Arrington De Dionsyo

Now we have Mr. Moomaw for your dancing pleasure, whether you actually get up from your seat or just dance within your blissed out mind

Episode 3 – MOOMAW

And for an astral take on ukelele pop and folk, check out our newest episode with Bloody Death Skull. Episode 4 – Bloody Death Skull

You like your music more solitary and challenging, well check out Garrett Hickman Episode 5 – Garrett Hickman

And after a too long hiatus we continue with the hard sci-fi hi-fi cinema collage of Pulsating Cyst Episode 6 – Pulsating Cyst

Bam, and then right back on it with a double dose… Mister Moonbeam, the sounds of AOR 70s jams rocketing back from space thru a busted satellite Ep 7 – Mister Moonbeam

And Tara who came to visit us as the principal songwriter and singer/guitarist of Pastel Felt.. .despite some technical difficulties with buzzy pickups, I’d say it came thru pretty rad Ep 8 – Pastel Felt

Wow, what a busy Mothers Day weekend, but we managed to sneak in two performances.  The first is from teasips, a majorly expansive combo of synth and found sounds… the other is a vascillating sax set from Robert William Magill, who towers over this city already.. more words with them soon

Episode 9 – teasips

Episode 10 – Robert William Magill

and finally, we are back to show you how we party Episode 11 – PeriodBOMB

Dan Clucas comes up and revives us from our suspended animation ep12 -Dan Clucas

ep13 is the lovely Ghost Noise

ep14 is the houseband OBSCURER, ready for an October fright

ep 15 ushers in a fresh new year for BOAT with Matt Mottel and company

ep 16 shines love and warmth on us from some dark and crazy boxes, courtesy of X-EYES

2018 gives us Conrad Burnham‘s ambient guitar fugues, Loop Goat‘s vocal and beat mashups AND the dark majesty of Witches of Malibu

episode 20.. big 20 – the Dead Air Trio 

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