ECHO CURIO recordings

It is time to start uploading the recordings from our little venture in 2005(?) – 2010…

to honor our fallen friend, we give you a short but sweet set by Jeremy Kelly from July of 2008


and here is a lengthy set from Mr. Bobb Bruno  from May 2009, complete with bunny suit


and the mighty Auto Da Fe from June 2009


and Bizzart from July 2008


and Black Black from just a few days before in July 2008


and Crooked Cowboy from just a few days after the Bizzart show (busy week)


and Claire Cronin (one of my personal favorite sets from the space) from May 2009


and CMG and We Are the Night (a band of friends indeed) from 2008 as well


and Cosio  which i had this to say about “”COSIO brings together many influences, all under the healing power of the banjo and other Americana instruments, but with a decidely European dramatic style of delivery. Think if Tom Waits got himself a soulful lady singer, who was also in a heavy rock band, and then let her loose.”


Check out our circuit bending shows here on a special page of its own – ECCB

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