more Echo Curio recordings

here is another page of goodness (i am working on a more organized method but this will have to work for now)

and first off, we have a request for a set by Ash Reiter and company from 2010

and some rad sets by the doom and gloom mopheads Sasqrotch first from July 2008

then from October 2008

and lastly reunited in May 2010


next up a beautiful set from San Diego’s The Gift Machine. i am working on polishing up another later set from them , but here you go from June 2008

and a set from the insane XDUGEF from October 2008 as well

and a set from Meg Baird in March 2009 when her and Kurt Vile were on their way to SXSW

and now the extremely missed Health Club from July 2008

and two sets from the Curio stalwarts HowardAMB first from Nov 2008

and then May 2009

and lastly a SICK out-there set from the mysterious SOGGY DUCHAMP OCTET

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