Oscillating Wildly archive from NNR

Sorry it has been so long but a lot of things have changed… but I will always find time to mix together random songs in a questionable manner… here are a few mixes to explore from my time with the fabulous Nett Nett Radio.  Tune in every Sunday at 8p for new mixes of various genres

and if you like spiritual jazz, check this archive for my In the Spirit shows https://www.kchungradio.org/archive?search=in_the_spirit

Episode 1 – Spiritual Jazz

Episode 2 – Alt Country

Episode 3 – Guitarerorists

Episode 4  – Transmissions from a 1993 DC Goth Industrial Club

Episode 5 – In Her Voice

Episode 6 – Prismatic Spray level 1 – a true line of thought random mix

Episode 7 – Computer Music

Episode 7.5 A Thankgiving Prayer

Episode 8 – DING – an exploration of the music and mirth of #CerberusShoal

Episode 9 – the Shoegaze edition – #ride #wolvesinthethroneroom #piasfrau

Episode 10 – Flaunting Flautists – #jazzflute #lafog #lightmenplusone #lloydmcneill

Episode 11 – You’re the Piano, Man! – #piano #bobbellerue #dayinthelife #tinklingivories

Episode 12 (12/27/20) =Transmissions from a 1989 College Radio Station – #tenderness #petergabriel #80s

Episode 13 (1/3/21) – Songs for a New Sun – the music and words of M. Gira – #swans #angelsoflight #bodylovers #bodyhaters #worldofskin

Episode 14 (1/10/21) – Pinnacle Upon Aesthetes – the work of Michael Donnelly – #brothersoftheoccultsisterhood #terracid #6majik9 #musicyoumindwillloveyou


Episode 15 (1/17/21) – Prismatic Spray level 2 – a wild unfocused mix of energy, depression, and inertia #reggae #country #jazzhands #surprises 

Episode 16 (1/31/21) – Touch the Reptile’s Kranky Stick – a look at 90s drone and noise rock #touch&go #kranky #AmRep #QuarterStick

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