Even more Echo Curio recordings from 2009

mostly cuz i have 8 gigs I can fill with data, I am dumping some more recorded magic from yonder good ol’ days… 2009 to be exact – all of these are from that year .. a fraction of the thousand plus bands that played there that year

Starting off with Feb 2009 residency performance from local psychers Spirit Vine

and visiting uke jockeys, Polkadotdot from January 2009

and local rockers One Trick Pony from March 2009

another heavy bit of awesome sauce with Thomas Lemieux and Next of Kin from Feb 2009

and heaviness from the East side  Wounded Lion June 2009

Two brotherly groups, Mad Gregs and Video performed many many times at the Curio before stepping off to join bands like the Black Keys or help open the awesome Human Resources

Visitors from out of town were always welcome.. . Here is an afternoon set from NYC’s SILK FLOWERS

and one of my favorite sets from SF’s LOVERS… along with a set from Rachael Cantu from the same night (January 2009)

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